A Kymco Guide to Battery Care   Kymco Logo

One of the leading manufacturers of mobility scooters has the following advice on battery care:

  • Always start your journey with at least 18 hours charge.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for your batteries to receive at least 18 hours uninterrupted charge, as soon as possible. This process is known as priming and is vital, as batteries only have a holding charge when supplied.

  • Charge by hours NOT by the lights.

The lights on the charger units are guides, it’s always better to leave the batteries charging for as long as possible – rather than finishing a charge cycle early because the charger lights indicate or suggest the charge is complete, follow the rule that the longer the better!

  • Avoid short charge cycles – charge as often as possible.

There is no need to let the batteries run down between charging, even if the product has had limited use, it is recommended to charge the batteries overnight for a minimum of 12 hours. Regular short charges (less than 2 hours) are not advisable, as this can damage the battery cells creating shorter battery life.

  • Charge in a suitable place.

The ideal operating temperature for batteries is between 18°c – 25°c. Charging batteries in temperatures under 10°c or over 30°c may lower the battery capacity and therefore shorten life span.

  • Correct battery storage.

It’s crucial that the batteries are stored in a suitable place when not being used, as if stored incorrectly this will result in the battery life span being reduced or permanently damaged. Following Kymco’s simple recommendations will help you to protect battery life – always fully charge your battery before storage – storage temperature must be between 18°c – 25°c – never store on cold floor – recharge batteries every month when in storage – unplug charger from mains when cycle complete.